exercises for the muscles of the vagina should be done every day, preferably several times a day.In order to understand where you are these muscles, hold your urine, and once they feel.The first four exercises can be done lying down in bed, and standing in the truck, and sitting at the computer ... The whole complex intimate gymnastics you will not take more than 10-15 minutes, and when it is performing a systematic effect is not long to wait.After 2-4 weeks you will feel the results, and even they will certainly feel your b


  1. squeeze for ten seconds vaginal muscles, then relax for ten seconds.At this pace do the exercise five times.
  2. Tighten the muscles of the vagina hard and keep as you can, then suddenly relax, breathe!Do this three times.
  3. The maximum possible rate of contracting muscles of the vagina a few seconds, then abruptly tense and try to keep as long as possible.
  4. Imagine that you have a vagina "lift", and enhance the compression strength of intimate muscles with minimum to maximum, literally counting the "floor" of the muscles.When you master your muscles enough, you can vary the force of muscle contraction, and "ride" on the "floor" as you like.
  5. morning exercises.It will help you awaken your female sexual energy.After running it your eyes will shine!Sit on your heels, straighten your back and tilt your head slightly forward.Try to focus on the sensations and close your eyes.Inhale - tighten the vaginal muscles and hold as you can, thinking to myself, exhale - relax completely.Do the exercise ten times at a slow pace, then ten times - in fast.So three times each pace.Every morning you will feel that you can keep all the muscles of the vagina longer by lengthening.