Belts are a variety of belts - flexible elements used for the transmission of torque between the drive and driven pulleys, belt drives.In the design of vehicles V-belts serve for the supply of power from the crankshaft to a unit driven by the motor.

geometrical characteristics

V-belt has a cross section in the shape of a trapezoid, the sides of which are pressed against the friction forces to the mating surfaces of the pulley.Depth pulley should provide a gap between the underside of the belt and pulley groove.

modern standards and technical specifications governing the sizes of V-belts used in the construction of automobile engines, include such varieties as classical section belts, narrow-section belts and with a serrated edge.The cross section of belt
selected directories depending on the maximum circumferential velocity, developed at the peripheral diameter of the pulley.


V-belt consists of three basic structural elements - the cord, the base and fabric wrap.The cord is the reinforcing fibers made from synthetic or carbon fabrics.Cord takes the main part of the load acting on the belt.Base belt made of rubber and gives it the required flexibility.The tissue wrap is designed to improve the adhesion between the belt and pulley surface, and also reduce the wear of the rubber belt basis.

carrying capacity belt depends not only on its geometric characteristics, but also on the materials used.Belts of different manufacturers of the same size and load capacity are completely interchangeable.

features different types of V-belts

narrow section V-belt is able to transmit more power than classical belt with him equal size.To be able to transmit high-power narrow V-belts are made with stronger cords than the classic.

toothed V-belts are also widely used in automobile engines.They do not have a tissue wrap on the contact surfaces which are polished for more uniform adhesion.

to transfer high power without significantly increasing the size of transmission belts used multiklinovye geometrically representing several closely spaced V-belts.