Select comfortable with the size of the display.They are from 2.7 to 7 inches with a resolution of 320x240 to 800x480 pixels.The larger screen size and resolution, the clearer the picture will be and the easier will be the use of the navigator.Please note - the display should be equipped with anti-reflective coating, so that they could use in bright sunlight.The presence of sensory function - at your discretion.One like it, others prefer a button.
Rate memory, and the availability of maps of the regions you.Ask the ability to download new maps.For proper operation of the automatic routing, loaded them on the card is routed.Op
timal memory device purchased should be at least 1 GB.Find out whether there is a connector for an optional memory card.
figure out a way navigator mounting inside the car.Location of the device shall be clearly visible to the driver, as well as to provide a clear signal reception from the satellite.If the car without an opaque roof hatch, and the windshield is athermal, the device needs an external antenna.Try convenience keys, note the presence of bundled cable connection to the cigarette lighter.
Understand the automatic routing.This is available in all current models of navigators.In the best models, it can pave the many options of routes: the shortest, best, comfortable, fast, and others.At the same time find out whether the navigator to go around traffic jams.For information about traffic jams get on the Internet, but some models in his own comfort, so they need to be connected via a mobile phone or GPRS-receiver.
Check out additional features.One of the most useful - the ability to use the device as a hands-free kit for cellular phone calls hands-free.There will also be helpful voice guidance system for important events on the way - about the upcoming turn, converges with the route, and others.There is also entertainment features - built MP3 players, video players, translators.