Throw off the negative battery terminal.This step is very important when installing the car and make it necessary before the start of work.
carefully consider all of the wiring.As a rule, when powered car involved yellow and red.First - Set the radio, the second - for radio and switch off the ignition the car.The blue wire is present in the radio, provides the power active antennas.At the same time the power to the antenna is automatically immediately after the car.
Look how much has your audio system speakers.
Pass the required number of wires for the speakers.To do this it is best to choose a wi
re with a cross section of 2 mm.We should know a few simple rules.Acoustics are best positioned at the head, and hence to deduce the dynamics best rear.If there are more than three, it is also possible to mount the speakers on the car door.
Take special framework for the car that come with love device.

Attach these to the frame of the console cars.To do this, proceed as follows.

Remove the frame housing the radio.
Set frame provided for in the car seat in your car.
Arch onto the inserted metal frame so that the frame is held firmly and securely in the socket.
Connect all the speakers to the unit.
make connections plus and minus to the car battery.At the same time, be very careful, it is important to do these steps correctly, or there may be a process circuit, and radio quickly fail.Remember, connecting the positive and negative wires to the radio should only occur after you connect to it all the speakers.
Set at a distance of 45 cm from the positive terminal of the battery car special fuse.That he will protect the car from overheating and damage.
Insert the car into the hole for her to a small click, indicates that the device is properly established.
Ready, includes music and enjoy a wonderful pastime of driving a car.