EGR valve is the main component of the recycling system, designed to reduce the amount of harmful emissions into the atmosphere.The valve is installed in the channel connecting the inlet and exhaust manifolds of internal combustion engine.Recirculation valves are used in gasoline and diesel engines in modern automobiles.

The principle of operation of the valve

Liberation of toxic substances is carried out by a chemical reaction of oxygen and nitrogen, which occurs at a certain temperature in the combustion chamber.Recirculation valve takes the part of the exhaust gases into the intake manifold, deteriorating the combustion of fuel, thereby reducing the gas temperature in the combustion chamber.

Moving diaphragm

EGR refers to pneumomechanical control elements.The working body of the diaphragm valve is placed in a metal case.At rest the diaphragm by a spring closes an orifice valve that connects the intake and exhaust manifolds.A channel for supplying gas from the exhaust manifold located at the bottom of the valve and the upper part is connected by a tube to the intake manifold of the engine.

After reaching the peak temperature in the combustion chamber in the exhaust manifold vacuum is created, whereby the spring is pressed upward, opening the valve orifice.

Moving the diaphragm depends on the throttle position, which varies depending on the mode of operation.At idle the engine temperature in the combustion chamber reaches the peak, and an open position valve creates vacuum in the upper chamber of the valve.Valve into operation with increasing speed when the throttle valve moves to the closed position, creating a vacuum in the exhaust manifold.

further improvement recirculation valve designs

In engines of modern cars use recirculation valves with thermostatic valve.Have thermo does not allow movement of the diaphragm when the engine is started, when it is warm enough yet.In engines of previous generations recirculation valve into operation, and the engine is started, artificially increasing the time it warm.

In modern designs of automobile engines are also used recirculation valves with electronic control.Moving the aperture therein is carried out by the signal of the electronic engine control unit, which takes into account the position of the throttle valve and the temperature in the combustion chamber.