In many countries, the tachograph has long been a mandatory equipment for vehicles.Classic tachograph is an electro-mechanical device that allows you to record the work of road transport.In Russia actively applied with tachographs connected to the unit it CIPF.

Tafografy with CPS unit

CIPF is a special program, through which runs a special encryption information on a particular technique.Also going on the digital signature and encryption, allowing restricted access to important information.If the tachograph unit installed CPS, it allows you to create an electronic signature and verification.Due to the CPS data storage is performed on the name of the manufacturer and the serial number of the tachograph.

Select the type of tachog

There are certain requirements that the tachograph must be digital.Every driver has to have a special chip card for such a device.To read information from it need a special card company.Usually cars release eight years ago was originally installed analogue tachographs.But they can not provide accurate information.There are many methods of forging important data.Therefore, such tachographs considered unreliable.By the way, repair the analogue tachographs prohibited.They must be replaced by digital.

Russian digital tachometers are different from analog ciphers cards.Costly speed sensors are used in them.Tachographs domestic production can be connected not only to the standard sensors, but also the GLONASS system.To connect the device to the tracking system will need to insert a SIM card with a prepaid internet.

in one company does not recommend the use of different types of control devices.This can lead to confusion in the testimony.

The only downside of the digital tachograph is its non-repairable.In case of breakage necessarily need to replace the device.But the accuracy of the device pays for everything.