Change the parts come in a number of cases.This is normal wear and tear due to operation of the vehicle, and the lack of proper travel of the car, and the participation of a car in a traffic accident.

Naturally, the easiest option - to go to the dealer.Even on older models from the manufacturer must be spare.However, this option is not for everyone, because the cost of these parts are usually too high, and even banal brake pads can cost 2-3 thousand more expensive than a conventional car market.Finding parts - is an art.
price is usually cheat for the name and "branded" items.However, not all re
pairs require the installation of spare parts dealer is.Those pads, for example, can be placed and "non-native".

Things to consider when selecting parts

Select brand spare parts, but at a price less than the dealer can to collapse.And do not treat them too biased.It happens that in the collapse are parts of the car that was in operation for long.For example, the car got into an accident, can not be restored, but it has a number of surviving intact parts that can be used in their needs.
for parts are parts that deserve attention.You just need to look closely and carefully choose the really good.It is better to take a person who understands the machines.

If showdown option is not for you, but you do not want to overpay, you can go to any auto market.Only you definitely need to take with them documents for the car, where specified VIN-number of the vehicle.Simply call the number of the seller, as he immediately you select the appropriate item.Of course, should be alert to the possibility that some parts are available only on request.For example, the body parts: bumpers, doors, etc.

In this case, you only have to pay a deposit, to take receipt and discuss the delivery time.Then sellers will call you as soon as the required parts will be available.

As an option, you can not ride on the car market, and order parts by phone.To do this, you only need to reference various shops selling spare parts or to the Internet.This method is more convenient at times, asit is possible to find a suitable version of the search without wasting time moving between stores.In this case, you also need a VIN-number of cars that you can call sellers.They compare notes on their computer database and confirm your presence or absence of the required parts, and called its price.

You can pick your own parts.There are quite a few specialized portals on which you are using your VIN, can you do find the right parts.Simply select a category (such as headlights), enter your VIN and then have to watch that will offer you the system.If a problem occurs during operation, it is always possible to turn to a consultant.

What should be taken into account when selecting parts

picking up his parts, do not think that the Chinese or Taiwanese substandard and unreliable.In fact, many of today's car owners, even those that have a wealth of experience, it is their use.

Alternatively, you can order a spare part from abroad.But often it is quite a long process, becauseassociated with the passage of inspections and customs.

Do not hesitate to ask and look for cheaper parts.Quite often dealers simply evaluate them several times dlrozhe sinceit is their mark-up and profit.Do not think that if the item cost less than it asked the average on the market, it is bad.