Battery - is a source of power in any modern car.It serves to start the engine and the electric power supply to consumers of energy during a stop of the motor.Most modern batteries, lead-acid.However, electric vehicles, for example, and hybrids are widely used lithium ion battery.In the past, electric forklift worked well and alkaline batteries.But they are expensive to produce, despite its longevity.Lead with a solution of sulfuric acid is much cheaper.

Constructions lead battery

hard plastic casing filled with electrolyte (sulfuric acid), completely sealed, as in the case of spraying acid is almost instantaneous destruction of the metal, and paint.Battery housing divided into six equal sections, each of which is a separate battery.All the compartments are connected in series (anode to cathode).In other words, each section outputs a voltage
of about two volts.

Connection electrodes produced using thick lead plates.Any model battery in which the plates brought to the surface of the housing.But for the most part, they are hidden inside the casing and are filled with plastic.Batteries are divided into serviced and maintenance-free.The first permit, as necessary topped up with distilled water, they can be charged with a special zaryadchika.They are available in each compartment of the plug with drainage holes, which can be unscrewed and check the electrolyte level.

As for maintenance-free batteries, charge them only DC.And pour the water into the banks will not work because there is no cap.Why is charging top-up water?Charging necessary when the battery voltage has dropped to a minimum, for example, a simple duty.A top-up water is required to bring back to normal the second important parameter - the electric battery.

How to start the car with the dead battery?

If Transmission, make of car can be "antiquated" way - by the tugboat or pusher.Clings to your car to another car, the engine is running, and then you accelerate, turn on the ignition and the third speed.Third best to include as tug will be easier to pull your car sharp jerk when you release the clutch will not notice.Similarly, with the pusher start, just pull the car will be given to 1-2 people.

But the method of "Booster" suitable vehicles both automatic and mechanics.To do this, you need only two power wires that must be passed from the battery to the battery of the car instigated "donor".Do not confuse the only plus and minus.The car donor should operate at higher speeds, 1500-2000 is quite sufficient.It is necessary to feed the system of two machines.After a car with a dead battery to start, do not throw off the wire, let the engine run for some time as a couple.