Thanks avtoobmenu in developed countries realized a quarter of all cars.The profitability of this activity is pretty good, it has a tendency to grow and is estimated to Western analysts about 10 percent.Autoexchange makes it possible to considerably simplify the process of selling an old car and buying a new car, in addition, future owners will receive a guarantee of security of the transaction.Dealer takes all the costs of finding a buyer for a used car, advertising and design of the required documents.Some specialty firms provide services to offset the cost of the old car as a down payment if the new machine is purchased on credit.Used car dealers in these can be purchased at a relatively low price.At the same ti
me the status of all vehicles checked employees of the company, which reduces the risks of the transaction.Autoexchange produced between owners, without intermediaries, it is quite relevant in Russia.In this method, the exchange can save on taxes and other auto margins.Select a new car can be looking through ads on specialized sites privateers.The ads are published photos of cars and a description of the technical characteristics.In order to clarify certain questions you can always contact the owner of the machine.Before the transaction find out the reason for the exchange is made and learn about what took place car maintenance.Exposing your car at the exchange point, in turn, detailed information about it and leave your contact details.Documenting Autoexchange follows.The first option - it is drawing up a contract of sale.Partners of the transaction is removed from the means of transport ie accounting departments of traffic police, draw up and sign contracts for the sale, and then it produces processing the transaction.Ownership of cars passes during the signing of the sales contract.Surcharge (if it is discussed earlier) also performed at this time.The second variant of the transaction - preparation of the contract of barter.Ownership of the vehicle passes to both sides at the same time immediately after the fulfillment of all obligations on the transfer of property.Barter agreement is considered concluded when the parties agree on essential terms and conditions.