When buying a car with automatic transmission is necessary to conduct a thorough diagnosis for this complex car assembly.

huge number of precision parts that make up the automatic transmission, make this system very expensive to repair, so thorough checking of automatic transmission - the key to a reliable and trouble-free operation of the vehicle.
Preliminary check automatic transmission starts with a visual inspection of the vehicle: in the area of ‚Äč‚Äčautomatic transmissions should not be oily smudges and dents: if the car was in an accident, hidden damage may affect the "machine".
next step in the diagnosis of the box - check the oil level.During the test the engine must be running at idle speed, the gear lever - located in the "parking lot."

In cold box oil level should be a
t the lowest level dipstick, when heated - at the working level.Inconsistency level of these marks - an alarming sign.

Visual assessment of oil.Dropping oil on a clean sheet of paper, make sure that no liquid impurities: metal particles, flakes, small bubbles of air, the smell of burning.
color of the oil can be shades of yellow - a sign of good care of the car;dark brown - if the oil had not changed;Reddish - in the case of a recent replacement.
further check automatic transmission occurs in the movement.Press the brake pedal, you need some time to translate smoothly automatic transmission lever in each of its provisions.Switching must take place without knocking, extraneous sounds, sudden jerks and delays in neutral box must be switched off.

Before leaving little need to warm up the car, and then you can begin to diagnose operation of the machine during acceleration.Typing speed of 60 km \ h to happen two soft switching - on the second and third gear.

totally unacceptable when switching effects, such as an explicit response delay boxes, tremors, other sounds, "slippage" between gears.
With the permission of the owner of the car is to test the operation of the machine and in a mode kick-down, sharply squeezed the accelerator: "automatic" should go to a lower gear.

If the automatic transmission is equipped with a button Overdrive, this can also be checked: When you disable box should switch to a lower gear, the dashboard lights up yellow icon.
If the test mode Overdive icon lights up and "check engine" - the automatic transmission may be faulty.