Reconciliation complete

first things first need to make sure that the car, which will incur a considerable sum, the one that was commissioned by the manager.Specifically, verify that you ordered and that there are in fact.Next, go to the part of the documentary.Compulsory worth checking numbers of units and the body.Not always the future owners pay attention to it, relying on the salon managers.However, do not rule out the human factor, and spend just a minute to reconcile the numbers thus insure themselves against future trouble when registering a car in the traffic police.

inspection process

Heated seats, glass blowing, turning, alarm, air conditioning, in general, all electrical equipment must be perfect
ly fulfill their direct duties.You should also pay attention to how many lights are on the instrument panel and which, and do not light up any mistakes on-board computer.

Then you can move on to the future of auto mechanics.It is necessary to make sure that all locks are serviceable and work, as befits the new mechanism.It is worth paying attention to the locks luggage and engine compartment, so that everything worked without any problems.Also, at the time of inspection of luggage should be checked for completeness, I mean the presence of a spare wheel, jack and wheelbrace.Inspecting the engine compartment, it is necessary to check all the capacity expansion, namely the presence of the necessary fluids.Because very often the factory fill of the manufacturer needs fluids to the system showed its operation, and in the near future is to add fluids to the required level.Another of the most important points, which should be emphasized - is paint the car.To see the defects on cars, you need to look from the outside and from different angles.Differential light immediately mark scratches, chips or dents, if any.

overboard your car, you can ask the manager to sit behind the wheel and to ask him to turn the lights turn on, turns, brake lights, rear lights, etc.After all these manipulations need to listen with an open engine hood, as will be more clearly audible noise in the motor third party, if any.

Just before departure you need to check the condition of the wheels, particularly tire pressure.Also, do not be superfluous to know how to properly unfastened wheel covers that in the future they do not inadvertently break the mount when changing a wheel on the spare tire.

may be noted that experts recommend to all their demands and those items that you wish to test, fix the paper.For a list of what can be very large and it is impossible to remember everything.And sign documents on the transfer of the car from the seller to the buyer is necessary only after a 100% certainty that there is no mutual claims.Then the transaction will be regarded as legitimate.

Most importantly, salons run by the car literally 5-7 liters of fuel, so after leaving the walls of the cabin, should head immediately to the gas station.Good luck to all the choices.