If your garage is a capital concrete construction, reinforce the walls with a metal frame is welded to it a metal grid.This frame mounted indoors can somewhat reduce its size, but increase the attractiveness in the eyes of the buyer, as it ensures greater safety.
further strengthen the walls of the garage construction, overlay them on the outside layer of bricks.Such a measure would not only make the garage more attractive, but will work on the safe storage of the vehicle.
make concrete blind area before the gates of the construction, in line with a total strength of the structure.
Reinforce garage doors.It hinges on the outside weld metal rods.On the back of the weld fo
r insurance loops nuts and bolts.Attach these items should be on the frame of the gate, near the hinge.
If possible, set in a modern sectional garage gates.They are compact and significantly saves space.They raise such gates up and securely fastened to the ceiling.Manage sectional doors can be manually.
If possible, arrange to repair a hole in the garage (caisson).Make this improvement is not always possible, as is required for the construction of the caisson low level of groundwater at the site of construction.
Make reinforcing the floor and fill it with concrete.Remember this when you can not bind a concrete floor with a box garage.The structure may eventually shrink and damage the flooring.
final presale held after doing all of the work.Make the color of the walls and roof of the garage.Use the paint is not too bright colors, quite practical and resistant to the external environment.Prepared in this way the building will give you even if you decide to postpone the sale.