By buying a car should be treated no less carefully and responsibly, than the purchase of real estate.When buying a car in the showroom is no problem, the staff will prepare all the documents of the cabin.But buying a used car you have to be very careful.When preparing to deal to buy the car you are doubts about the reliability of the information or documents, it is best to involve the purchase of a lawyer or eliminate liked the car.Important to remember that to buy a car by proxy, even notarized not correct and is not safe, the power of attorney issued for three years, may be withdrawn in a month or a year, it is at the discretion of the person issuing the power of attorney.
The acquisition of the vehicle should start with the signing of the contract of sale of the vehicle.Th
e contract can be issued in writing and notarized.To make a contract you need a passport seller and the buyer, technical passport of the car (TCP), a certificate of registration of the vehicle.The contract is made in three copies, one for the vendor and the two copies are sent to the buyer.The advantage of the sales contract that the car becomes the property of the buyer at the time of signing the contract and the transfer of funds.
is necessary to remember that the documents confirming the ownership of the car is a sales contract and a certificate account, and passport and vehicle registration certificate - is the registration documents.The registration action on the formulation vehicle registration shall interregional registration-examination department (MREO) traffic police.When buying a used car, it makes sense to insist that the seller took their own vehicle from the register, as if there are problems with the car, you have to have to understand the new owner.
If the vehicle is removed from the register and put on a temporary account, the buyer in the period specified in law shall conduct registration activities on the formulation vehicle registration.Violation of the registration period may result in a fine.For registration of the vehicle registration authority in the following documents: passport buyer, technical passport of the vehicle registration certificate of the vehicle, an application for registration of the vehicle, license plates, insurance, contract of sale of the vehicle.