First, you must determine which drive an SUV you want.If you plan to travel by car only in the city, you will have little opportunity to evaluate the advantages of all-wheel drive.If the vehicle is used for trips outside the city, in difficult climatic conditions on the road - without all-wheel drive is not enough.But the rear-wheel drive to large machines is not practical.So if you like to ride in comfort, it is best to look for the rear-drive sedan.
Pay attention to the amount of clearance.The increased clearance allows the machine to easily overcome high curbs and confident ride through the snowdrifts.For extreme driving is better to choose a frame body structure, which is more
durable and reliable.
plays an important role and the type of fuel that is running SUV.You can save considerably on diesel cars.Such fuel is cheaper and requires less.But diesel car harder to start in the bitter cold, and the engine at the expiration time will require specific maintenance.When choosing a gasoline engine, pay attention to fuel consumption. Jeeps like "eat" and urban regime should not exceed 10-15 liters per 100km.In other cases, the car becomes a "golden" content.And not always the functionality of an SUV justify such costs.
After you answer the most important questions, you can define and brand and model of the machine.For urban operation suitable compact crossovers such as Toyota Rav4, Nissan Qashqai, Dodge Caliber, Hyandai i35.These models are available with front-wheel drive or all-wheel drive to a petrol engine.
Serious off-road, all-wheel drive, with different types of engine power can be found in Toyota.Famous Land Cruiser100 and 200, Prado, the new Highlander.If you are looking for a huge brutal off-road vehicle, note the American jeeps that are not officially available in Russia, but it is possible to drive a car to order.
But some Chinese and Korean cars at an attractive price better pass by.This machine does not last a long time, the quality of its assembly sometimes simply disastrous and difficult to sell such a car in the secondary market.It is better to look for 3-7 year old European and Japanese SUV, which is often sold in a better condition than the new Chinese car.