you need
  • - internet;
  • - ads in magazines and newspapers;
  • - companies engaged in the sale and leasing of motor vehicles.
The first thing you should do - is to decide on the budget.It is also important when buying a bus to determine the size, since there is, as travel (9 or 12 meters long) and the low-floor city (12 meters).Also, the cost varies significantly from a new or a used bus you are going to purchase.
city buses for sale, many large companies are engaged.For information on which it is easy to find in car magazines or the World Wide Web.On request "buses for sale" you will be prompted hundreds of companies.And the main thing here is to choose a reliable, that deals in selling and renting is not the first year.Check the company's history can also be online on customer feedback.
Do not choose the first caught the eye of the company.By selecting a specific bus model, compare prices, find out about guarantees and service opportunities.Also, many companies offer installment services for the registration.Do not be afraid to lose an extra hour to negotiate, because the cost of repairs and parts, and diagnostics in the future will cost you much more.
In the domestic market there are companies that are engaged in the delivery of new buses only from Korea or China.Why buy Chinese buses profitable home?It's all about value and comfort.For example, the new buses from Chinese manufacturer - factory King Long, who produced specifically for the Russian weather and road conditions, are in great demand.The range of buses of different configurations for different queries.
You can buy a used bus, and with it the private ad.It is possible that the price and win.But there is also a certain percentage of the risk.Therefore safer to work with companies that have a wide range of services for vehicles and have a good reputation.