you need
  • - consulting engineers;
  • - the documents of the vehicle;
  • - a test drive.
If you decide to buy a city bus, then be prepared to conduct a thorough and comprehensive review.Bus in good condition for sale infrequently, becauseit can bring good profit to its owner.But many unscrupulous owners have resorted to a variety of tricks to hide defects and to sell it more expensive.
to choose b / have a bus that does not require an urgent large-scale repair after a month of operation and will serve you for many years, negotiate with the seller for a detailed examination by a workshop.Before this find the owner, which large parts have been replaced, whether the bus in the accident, the last time the overhaul.If the inspection found that the seller is silent about the serious damage or an accident, then
immediately give up the purchase.
addition to the inspection of the machine should be studied vehicle passport and other documents.If the current owner of the bus securities bought it two or three months ago, and the question: "Why are selling so fast?" Nothing concrete has been said, it is likely, before you reseller.It is unlikely that such a deal would be beneficial for you, because the dealers inflate the price significantly.
If the previous two stages test is successful, then ask the seller to arrange you a little test drive.In the process of moving note will not be added if the car turns on, whether well debugged braking system, if there is any extraneous noise or knocks.
Then continue driving experience, but as a passenger.There are some disadvantages that are hard to see when viewed from the parking lot.For example, if the cabin windows are made of poor quality, then it is possible to notice it while driving, when the glass begins to rattle.The smell of smoke and fumes in the tail cabin - is also "hidden" defect indicative of a technical problem.
If during the test drive, you have not revealed serious faults, you can buy the bus.But first consult with the mechanics, how difficult it is to find parts for this model.After all, no matter how reliable technique was not, sooner or later it may fail.