If you are going to buy a car that has not passed the restoration, but is in good condition, it is best to look for it in the garage or in the village houses.In such places, there is a possibility to find an older driver, who is still in the garage Victory or gas.And usually, the car in very good condition.The more that went on it last 10-20 years ago.Sometimes these ads machine can be found on popular resources, sales of cars with mileage.In this case, the heirs sold the retro car.And they inflate the price and will not be able thoroughly to tell you the whole history of the car and to show the possible shortcomings and problems.
If you want to repair an old car, look for ads that ind
icated that no car engine or a broken body and so forth. In this case, you can buy a few cars and collect from parts one goodcar.Even the spare parts in the shop did not find.They can only be replaced by similar or adapted.But elements of decoration or decoration only need to look original.
when collecting the car from different units, there can be problems with the registration of the vehicle in the traffic police.After all, some of the cars at that time already had a number of body and engine.Therefore, when buying such machines they must have documents (TCP).
If to search for or collect the car no desire to pay attention to the refurbished machines.These vehicles can be found in specialized garages that give a retro machines a second life.There you can find a car that is assembled with all the nuances of finishing and decoration, and at the same time it seriously changed technically.Chassis and engine can be replaced with modern equivalents, so the machine will be technically sound.Inside, the cabin can be changed to a more comfortable seat.Or make a functional leather interior.It turns out that the old machine was only the body, and worked on it pretty.But if you are an important fact of owning a car and its exterior, it is ideal.