you need
  • - money;
  • - the sales contract;
  • - a package of documents for registration acquired a truck (your passport, a contract of sale and delivery-acceptance certificate, liability insurance policy tool, right, the receipt of payment of state duties).
contact the author interested ads.Ask him in detail about the machine: technical characteristics, mileage, condition, availability of spare parts and additional options, the price and the possibility of bargaining.
If you are satisfied, arrange when you can inspect the car.
If you do not belong to the number of experienced drivers or car mechanic, specializing in the desired mark and modification, inspection is best done with the help of a professional.Thi
s can be your friend or an expert, offers this service for a fee.There are companies that specialize in providing this service.But when choosing try to explore the reviews of customers interested in each.If the inspection revealed no contraindications to purchase, arrange the order of the transaction and the transfer of money in exchange for the car.Until the day of the transaction the seller must remove it from the account of the traffic police in connection with the sale.
law does not require notarization of sale machines.Enough writing.Himself a model agreement and act of acceptance-transfer machine can be downloaded from the Internet and insert the necessary data.But the signatures of these documents is better to put in the presence of an employee GIDBB when setting cars on account of the new owner, ie you.Apply for registration of the car in the traffic police on the site of the regional management of the agency or by phone.Then you have to drive the car to the site inspection and provide a set of all necessary documents.