Classic model.

This universal models of motorcycles designed for driving on the roads.These bikes look quite simple and classic, without a variety of plastic fairings and lots of chrome.Classic models have a comfortable vertical landing, very easy to use and do not have significant protection from the wind.Such motorcycles are very reliable and at the same time have a great motor power.
Grand Touring models of motorcycles.

These bikes are very comfortable for long journeys.Large windshield, comfortable sofas with backs, stereo, air conditioning will give any trip comfortable.However, these bikes are very heavy, which is not very convenient for daily use.
Sport and Touring models.

Such models of motorcycles are not only comfortably furnished, and large
sizes, but also a pretty good power.This feature allows the rider to try yourself in the role of master of sport of racing.

These motorcycles have a fairly large, teardrop-shaped fuel tank, a very large amount of chromium, roomy leather bags on the sides.Also, they are equipped with comfortable seats and a mild stroke two-wheeled machines.That model is characterized by uniform does not hasty ride.
Motocross models.

These motorcycles are designed exclusively for off-road sports competitions.They are very lightweight and easy to use, have a two-stroke engines.Krossoviki have a solid frame, long suspension travel, but they have no optics.

This motorcycle model is very light, and allow them to move around with the help of like the track, and on country roads.They are very comfortable and prerasno suitable for outdoor activities.