all domestic and foreign vehicles in service, shall be subject to mandatory filling.If the speedometer is faulty operation of the car is prohibited.Mandatory requirement for speedometer - to comply with government standards.All new cars under warranty must have speedometers and sealed at the factory.If, during the warranty period misbehaving sealing, then you make a joint act with a representative party concerned with the reasons pereplombirovki, the date and the speedometer.Always make sure that the seal had a clear image on the one hand the name of the enterprise, and on the other - the date and number stamps.
If you plombiruete yourself, pay attention to the seal itself and its tail.Seal the speedometer must comply with the prescribed form, made of lead, mechanically strong, firmly c
lamped to the wire, excluding dismantling and moving.Before filling, make sure that all parts of the speedometer complies with technical standards and did not have alterations and traces of penetration inside.If you find defects, defective parts should be replaced.
Free seal by tightening the clamp (often - gum) and place the ends of the tail to the ears of the speedometer cover so that the wire is behind the cover and lead plate in front of her.
Twist the wire tail and tighten clamping device, fix the plate, remove the protective element.Done.
Daily check the speedometer should be made on the fly.If you see that the speedometer is rejected, and the drum with numbers-pointers rotate, then the speedometer functions.To carry out maintenance of the speedometer-driven, first check the reliability of fastening the flexible shaft to the speedometer and the gearbox and the integrity of the flexible shaft.
Make sure the nuts are wrapped to failure, and the flexible shaft attached straps.If your car is equipped with a speedometer with electric drive, be sure to check the reliability of mounting the sensor cables and speedometer.If there is any damage, remove them and attach the wires if loose attachment.