danger of staph that it can parasitize the years in the human body, and the latter did not even going to know.This staph is often quite serious disease.And in order to determine whether cocci cause of your illness, you need to be tested.

How to be tested for staph

For more reliable results, doctors recommend to repeat the collection of the material and its delivery of 2 more times at intervals of 1-2 days.

Staphylococcus aureus - bacteria migrating, so it can be found in the mucous membranes of the nose and on the skin.Accordingly, it is necessary to hand over the analysis, based on what area of ​​the body you have suffered from vital activity of the microorganism.

For example, if the observed problems with the stomach or intestines, have to take on a stool
or opportunistic pathogens.For the study to collect the fresh feces after natural defecation.Collect them should be immediately folded into a clean container and for a maximum of 3 hours will deliver to the lab.

If you suffer from prolonged and frequent sore throats, bronchitis and other lung diseases need to be tested for staph throat.As a rule, this is the usual smear.Donating such analysis must be strictly on an empty stomach to the bacteria that proliferate in contact with food in your mouth, not mixed and not blurry picture.
Before any smear from the throat can not even brush your teeth.If you ignore these recommendations, the analysis will have to retake.After all, the result will be incorrect.

If there is a suspicion that the contaminated eye (it indirectly indicate pus, inflammation and other symptoms), you will need to collect discharge eye for analysis.Before any it is not necessary to wash.If the stock is abundant purulent discharge, use a sterile swab.Pus to analyze carefully collected from the outer to the inner corner of the eye.It is necessary to ensure that the tampon while driving does not touch the eyelashes.

If you suffer from staph skin, you will need to hand scraping.For starters treat the skin around the wound antiseptic, and then using a special swab taken from the wound secretions.

importance of taking the material tested for staph

Staph can live for years in the human body causing a variety of diseases - as a fairly light and serious.And those and others can easily move into the chronic category.Therefore, it is important to be tested in time to begin treatment as soon as possible.

All kinds of analyzes on Staphylococcus painless and quite simple.However, it is very clearly observe the preparations for the research to get the right result.