hematoma during pregnancy - a condition in which the fertilized egg begins to separate from the walls of the uterus, and the process is accompanied by rupture of blood vessels at the site of rejection.The result is a blood clot which is called hematoma.Whatever the cause of this phenomenon, you should do everything possible to speed up the absorption of hematoma during pregnancy because it can cause miscarriage.
If you have a nagging abdominal pain and vaginal discharge brown, almost 100% safe to say that you retrochorial hematoma.Often hematoma very long time does not manifest itself, and this condition is diagnosed only on the US.This means that the hematoma was formed, but has not started to be emptied.If you started brownish discharge, this suggests that the hematoma gradually began to come out, that is, resolving and
shrink in size.Therefore, it is considered a positive trend: provided timely treatment can be achieved complete resolution of the hematoma and its removal from the uterus.
Another thing - when there is a bright red highlight.These symptoms mark the beginning of bleeding, accompanied by an increase in the area of ​​detachment of the ovum.It also happens that physicians confuse this state with any other disease.If you are diagnosed with "retrochorial hematoma", but you do not have brownish discharge and scarlet, it is likely that after a short time it has not discovered.
As resolves hematoma during pregnancy?Withdrawal of a blood clot at the site of the rejection of the ovum takes place under the influence of treatments where, to whom belongs "Dotsinon."Reduce the tone of the uterus can be through the use of "Magne-B6", "No-Spa" and "Papaverina."It is important to accept and progesterone preparations - "Djufaston" and "Utrozhestan."In addition, you should drink soft soothing allowed to receive while carrying a child, and vitamins - vitamin E and folic acid.
To accelerate resorption of the hematoma and prevent chronic fetal hypoxia can use "Actovegin" - drugs that improve the supply of nutrients to the fetus.As resolves hematoma during pregnancy?This is subject to the absolute physical rest and a complete lack of sexuality.To a blood clot came out faster, you have to give the body an inclined position in which the legs are located above the head.It is important at this time to follow a diet that excludes lethargy and excessive intestinal peristalsis.