changes in terms of blood

Cancers occur when genetic changes in the new cells formed in the division.These cells are produced in the body almost daily, but the immune system immediately recognizes them and neutralize.If the body because of a weakened immune system, "passed" the formation of cells with disrupted by the genetic code, it begins to divide and form these abnormal cells.

There comes a time when the immune system recognizes foreign cells and begins to deal with them, but the process of neutralizing Cancer immunity is not under force.During the growing confrontation between the immune system and cancer begin to change parameters of blood - increases the number of white blood cells.This phenomenon is observed in inflammatory diseases, it is explained by the fact that it is
the white blood cells are the cells that protect the organism from all foreign.In the control of tumoral processes number increases above 12 x 10 9 per liter level.

Oncological processes lead to changes in the blood hemoglobin level, it is sharply reduced.Normal hemoglobin - 120-160 g / l, malignant tumors indicator mark does not exceed 80 g / l, running processes reduce the concentration of hemoglobin to 40 g / l.

cancers lead to increased erythrocyte sedimentation rate.Normally, women have an ESR 15 mm / h in males and 10 mm / h, oncology performance dramatically increases can be observed 30-50 mm / h.This measure is because when the protective reaction of the organism in the blood varies balance of proteins, so separating the blood into plasma and red blood cells occurs much faster.

Oncology hematopoietic system

With the development of leukemia (popular name - leukemia), there is a sharp change in platelet count.The number of these blood cells decreases, sincethey are produced by the bone marrow, which in leukemia can not function properly.The level of blood platelets decreases to 20 * 10 9 degrees per liter and lower.

In general, the analysis in the development of myeloid leukemia appear altered cells - are large atypical cells, which are not observed in the blood of a healthy person.With the development of cancer of the hematopoietic system in the general analysis of blood varies WBC - increasing the number of immature eosinophils and basophils, reduced the number of neutrophils.These changes occur because the immune system is trying to cope with the disease, but there is only a failure in the development of leukocyte fractions.