Coma is often the result of head injuries received when hit in an accident, sports or accidentally dropped.Complications of diabetes, neurological disorders, stroke, liver and kidney diseases are the cause of abnormalities in the body.Poisoning by drugs, medicines, alcohol also can cause coma.Provoked as a result of the above factors, the phenomenon usually lasts no more than a month, during which the patient may or may recover and move into a permanent vegetative state, and later permanently lose the ability to recover.

Preventive measures

In most cases, a coma can not be prevented.Coma can be avoided with timely cure existing diseases and the correct destination therapy.Important role played by the patient's lifesty
le and its compliance with the specific instructions of the doctor in the presence of serious chronic conditions (eg, diabetes).No treatment necessary diet and refusal to take medications can trigger the phenomenon.Follow your doctor's instructions is one of the most effective preventive measures.

precautions when driving a motor vehicle (eg, car or motorcycle) can save you from serious injury in an accident.Use of seat belts and airbags in the implementation of a trip by car or wearing a helmet when traveling on a motorcycle are the main ways that can save him from a coma.Before driving should completely give up alcohol because it slows down the reaction.It is necessary to refrain from taking drugs and sedatives.

By consuming alcoholic beverages, do not mix them with any medication.Some drugs in combination with alcohol can not only cause coma, but also lead to death.You should not drink alcohol in large quantities.Abstinence is also an effective way to prevent a comatose state.

Treatment phenomenon begins with the appointment of the necessary medicines and treatment of the underlying disease.In the first phase the aim is to reduce the likelihood of doctors increase the existing brain lesions.The possibility of further healing depends on the reasons that provoked whom.