Burn - the most common type of injury all over the world.The most common thermal burns, they may be caused by a hot liquid and air, steam, fire.
In depth defeat all burns are divided into 4 degrees.The easiest - first degree burns.When it struck, only the surface layer of the skin.It appears redness, slight swelling and soreness.Such burns often receive at home, for example, in the kitchen (oil splashed, breathed steam from the pan, etc.).Pass it on their own without any treatment after 3-4 days, traces of destruction remains.
With second-degree burns to the affected epidermis growth layer of the skin, and the bubbles are formed with liquid contents, the epidermis is easily removed to form a weeping surface.These burns heal quickly without scarring, festering for 10-14 days, healing occurs by maintaining the growth laye
r of the skin.
Third-degree burns are characterized by the complete defeat of all layers of the epidermis and dermis, the layer is affected sprout.3A degree burns When there are bubbles with a thick liquid containing rich yellow or bloody color, zheleoobraznoy consistency.If thermal burns lesion moist with distinct pores ("lemon peel"), a grayish-white color.Formed after the burn crust is brown or gray.When the degree burns 3B is a destruction of the skin to the subcutaneous fat.
fourth-degree burn is characterized by lesions not only skin, but also under the skin tissue (muscles, bones), up to charring.Burns 3B and fourth-degree deep, with their skin recovery is possible only surgically.
Under the influence of the thermal factors can be and the respiratory tract by inhalation of hot air, steam.This affects the mucous membrane of the larynx, trachea and bronchi.There they hyperemia, edema, can form bubbles and areas of necrosis.Since the broken drainage function of bronchi and mucus and exudate accumulates in the lungs, it may be a blockage (obstruction) of the airways.Obstruction also contributes to the swelling of the larynx and vocal cords.Such victims need resuscitation.
What not to do for burns?Do not apply butter, cream, ointment to the surface just burns.It is impossible to pierce the bubbles and take your clothes stuck
What should I do?Call an ambulance if the second-degree burn a child or an elderly person, if burned groin, face, airway, if a large area of ​​burn (approximately 5 hands of the patient).We also need an ambulance in the third-degree burns.