genetic factors

Modern scientific research confirms that the human dependence on alcohol, there is a genetic component.It is proved that among children whose parents abuse alcohol, the risk of developing alcoholism increases 4 times.However, environmental factors also play a role in causing the disease.

Alcohol abuse increases the likelihood of a child's emotional and behavioral disorders that cause the propensity to consume ethanol.However, only about half of all children whose father or mother had a pernicious habit, began to regularly take alcohol.The way parents behave towards each other and their child, will also affect the future of the baby.

Behavior parents

Scientists believe that the constant depression or other psychological problems dads (moms) can play an even greater role than ge
netic aspect.The risk is significantly increased if both partners consume alcohol and drugs, making it very often, and in front of the child.No less important is the presence of the constant bickering and domestic violence.However, even these problems are not cause that, in the future, the child will become dependent on alcohol.


To reduce the risk of alcoholism, your child should not be allowed to take drinks containing alcohol until they reach the age of majority.As an adult, you should avoid taking large amounts of alcohol.It is not necessary to drink in the presence of certain chronic diseases and taking certain medications.If you have any cases of alcoholism in the family, you should minimize the risk of alcohol intake, aspeople with a genetic predisposition is much more difficult to comply with a certain dosage and restrain themselves, if necessary.It should be remembered that the abuse significantly increases the risk of liver disease, heart and brain.


effectiveness of the treatment of alcoholism may also be determined by heredity.For example, "Naltrexone" and "Naloxone" are effective agents for certain groups of patients, however, the presence of mutations of some genes decreases its therapeutic properties.When a serious dependence on alcohol, seek help from a specialist in a specialized clinic or hospital in the community.The doctor will prescribe the most appropriate medication and will give advice on diet and the possibility of use of the fixed portions of alcohol.