To start, prepare the text of the agreement , which according to the rules of business registration papers will be given: - the number of contract , date and place of its preparation;
- details of the parties (client and contractor) in full;
- persons authorized to sign the contract (the representatives of the parties);
- list of works or services, their volume and value (as part of the transaction);
- terms of service or the execution of works;
- settlement procedure;
- the responsibilities of each of the parties to ensure the implementation of the agreement;
- responsibility of the parties;
- the procedure for resolving disputes.
Refer to the customer with a proposal to examine the option you have prepared contract , which clearly outlines the conditions of the agreement that allows you to protect the interests of each party.Give him a contract for review.Maybe your partner wants to make their amendments.After consultation with the customer all items adjust the text of the agreement so that the conditions of the transaction arranged each side.
Sign the contract manager or the person authorized to sign this document in your organization.Put your business printing.Register the agreement as an outbound document.Do not forget that a contract must be drawn up in two copies.Transfer them to sign your partner-customer.After signing one copy remains with the customer, and the other from the contractor.