Decide the purpose of the agreement before you sign it.You must clearly understand what is aimed to conclude treaties.Think of a better presentation results on paper, which can be reached to conclude agreements.Make sure they will not conflict with your interests, and you restrict other parties rights.
then determine the list and sequence of the achievements of all obligations under the contract.The main objective of the document - an agreement on the implementation of two or more parties any action within a specified time.All this must be precisely specified in advance between the participants.
Learn the rules of drawing up contracts and agreements, which are set out in Chapter II of the Civil Code.The draft
ing and signing of the agreement can participate as an individual (entrepreneur) and legal (the owner or the legal representative).
Make-contract agreement in accordance with its conventional structure.The document should include a preamble stating the full name of each of the contracting parties, their representatives and their official duties;the subject of the agreement;conditions of implementation of the agreement each of the parties;rights and obligations of the parties as well as their details.
approach with special attention to the compilation of this section, as the responsibility of the parties.In accordance with this section shall settle any disputes arising between the parties to the agreement.
Make sure that the document clearly identified all the essential terms, including the terms of the beginning of its activities and obligations.Reassure the agreement signed by each of the parties and the seal, if involved in the drafting of legal persons.Each side should be on the hands of one copy of the document.