you need
  • - a statement on state registration of IP in the form R21001;
  • - passport and photocopies of all pages;
  • - receipt of payment of registration fee;
  • - a statement about the transition to the USN.
to open the SP need to collect and submit the tax (or multipurpose center) number of mandatory documents.These include registration statement on Form SP R21001.It can be filled by hand or in writing.The main thing is that there are no errors and corrections.Please note that the printed document will not be able to modify the handle.All information must be specified in the same way as it is spelled in the passport.Pre will also need to choose the NACE codes of the activities in which you plan to work.Himself an application form can be downloaded from the Federal Tax Service, there is also a service to facilitate its
application.Please note that from July 2013, a new form of R21001.The application must be sewn and glued a sticker indicating the number of pages and signed by SP.
Upon registration need the original receipt for the payment of state fees.Details for the transfer of funds can be specified in the Federal Tax Service or the branch of Sberbank.The fee for registration is now SP 800 p.Check that the receipt for the payment does not contain errors, sincetax money will not be returned.
The number of required documents includes original passport with a photocopy of all the pages.A copy is also recommended to ask.When applying for personal notarization not required.In the opposite case it is necessary to assure the documents and power of attorney for the provision of interests of a notary.
is also necessary to provide a TIN and a copy.In its absence, you can apply for a VAT number with the registration documents, but the procedure for registration of IP will become more prolonged.
If you do not intend to use Ba, while at the same time submit an application to switch to the simplified tax system in the form № 26.2-1.It must have time to submit within 5 days after the registration of IP, but you can make it up to this point.
registration procedure takes 5 days.Then you have to issue a certificate of state registration OGRN, EGRIP extract from the notice of registration of individuals in the tax authority, as well as the FIU.