Before constitute a legal document discussed all the conditions of the counterparty verbally.Be sure to fix all the items - this is done to ensure that in the future not to rewrite the contract several times.
In the document, specify the subject of the contract, ie freight services on any values ​​to the destination.Refine include any handling operations in the service.You should also register whether an storage and delivery of cargo to the recipient, or it will directly by the company, meeting the load on the destination.ADDRESSES loading and unloading.
Ask what type of transportation will be provided transportation.If the motor - car and define the brand, if any, types of pla
nts, such as the crane (for loading and unloading).
Specify in the contract the name of the cargo, the number of seats and the total weight.Prescribe special conditions of transport, for example, the glass is required extreme caution (this must be specified in the contract).Some goods are transported in special containers.
Prescribe term of the contract.It can be calculated by the Executive, or use the transport charter.Be sure to specify which documents drawn carriage, for example, act, bill.If you are using the VAT, it must be drawn up invoice.
Point and other conditions, rights and obligations.Before signing the contract is better to give the lawyer to see as some of the nuances are very important.Arrange transportation contract in duplicate.Have signed it both ways, then the information is sealed by the organization.At the end of the contract is required to specify the details of the parties: INN, KPP, bank details, legal and postal address, name of managers.