Tip 1: How to write to the court

Any appeal to the court must be made in a statement of claim or complaint.In most cases, the correct design of a direct outcome of the case depends - that's why you need to write to the court competently and in compliance with all legal requirements.
If you want to be desired and prove in court its own right, before you write the statement of claim, prepare the documents on the basis of which the court can initiate proceedings.You have caused significant losses or you are denied something violating your legal rights?For example, if you do not want to return the money for a cell phone that you are in compliance with the legislation back in 14 days safely attach to the claim a written waiver store management.The more you have on hand will be the evidence, the more likely to win the case.
statement of claim, according to the norms of the Russian legislation, shall be in writing and in two copies (one is in court, and the second will give back to you with a note of the date of rece
iving it for consideration).The claim made by using an ordinary sheet of paper format A4.In the upper right corner, specify the exact name of the court to which you want to apply.Then - your full name, information on place of residence and registration.

If instead you take part of the lawsuit will be a representative, you must also specify the name and contact details.Then you can write free-form nature of the complaint or claim, with which you have decided to go to court.List the reasons and circumstances that prompted you to such act.If your application is pursuing material gain, do not forget to specify the amount of the claim.At the end of the document list the list of attached evidence.
order that the court took to consider your claim, you will have to pay a state fee.It is directly dependent on the price action.Shall be paid such fees in the state bank, a receipt is attached to the claim.

Tip 2: How to make an application to a magistrate

defending their property, family or civil law, you can contact the World court . statement of claim must comply with the requirements laid down by law.
How to make an application to the Magistrate
to sue statement in World court at the place of registration of the defendant.Following the rules, you will be able to create the document.
Create statement of claim in writing possible by hand on a sheet of A4.In the upper right corner, specify the name of the court well.Address the statement court rd, which will parse your business.Enter information about the plaintiff, that is, about yourself - your name, first name, address (registration).Below, specify the same transponder data.After the "cap" write the word « statement ».
specify in the body of the application in a few sentences the essence of the claim.For example, if you have filled in the neighbors from the top, and you not being able to negotiate peacefully, filed a lawsuit in the world court , specify when and under what circumstances the event occurred.
write down your demands to the defendant, referring to existing laws.For example, in the Gulf need to tell you how much damage was caused due to negligence of neighbors on top.
Write about the circumstances in which you are basing their claims and provide evidence to support these facts.For example, as evidence can be specified repair damaged apartments.But it is necessary to make an act of inspection of the apartment, compiled and signed by an official appraiser of witnesses.
Enter the amount of the claim, if the reason for appeal to the Court of became a money dispute.In the above case, you need to write, how much it is estimated the restoration of the apartment.To confirm the required documents, for example, estimates for repair.
lists the documents that apply to the claim.Be sure to be a copy of the application, it is sent to the defendant.Receipt of payment of state fees.Documents confirming the requirements stated in the lawsuit.In the case of cash settlement of the dispute should be exacted amount.
If the defendant is registered in another city, you can send a petition by mail.
Helpful Hint
information about the lawsuit in Magistrate's Court are contained in Art.131 CPC RF.
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