According to the legislation of the Russian Federation, registration of citizens is introduced to ensure that the conditions necessary for the realization of their rights and freedoms, as well as for the implementation of obligations to other citizens.The same law states that neither the presence nor the absence of registration does not limit citizen rights and freedoms.Thus, the question of infringement is no longer relevant, but still the question remains, why then to register citizens in the Russian Federation.

In fact, it is really necessary.By registering the place of residence, the citizen is still reserves the several social institutions: kindergartens, schools, hospitals and so on.Thus, a person is
entitled to services in these institutions, and information about these or other changes in their work.In addition, a citizen without registration can not obtain a passport or to change the old to the new document, which causes a lot of inconvenience when you make a job or traveling abroad.Join a certain way for a certain person establishes residence, allowing it to provide all the services that are associated with it.To do this, and this procedure was introduced at the place of residence: in the event that any difficulties the person did not have to travel across the country for the documents or statements.

To obtain this document, a person must apply to the place of registration of citizens at their place of residence.All the necessary documents are submitted it to the organization, which is engaged in registration certificates.Having registered, you will be able to freely carry out various financial operations, as well as be able to register your vehicle, real estate and other.

Registration of foreign citizens is required in the event that they are planning to stay in Russia for more than seven days.It allows them to get some of the rights enjoyed by the citizens of Russia, that during his stay in the country does not feel slighted or something limited.