divorce is made to the registrar in the case of this agreement of both spouses, who together must come to a divorce.However, article №33 of the Law "On Civil Status Acts" admits notary peredoverenie respective powers, if, for example, one spouse is in a long trip in the Army or seriously ill.Employees of the registrar to require the presentation of Russian passports and the signing of a declaration by which the applicants and divorced.
The same article provides another aspect, according to who wishes to divorce a man can do it alone, if he has a certificate stating that the spouse is incapacitated (confirmation of the court decision about it)
, it is consideredMissing (must also be made relevant resolution), serving a term of imprisonment of more than 3 years old (need a copy of the verdict).
Divorce through the courts due to several reasons.For example, one spouse may not agree with the divorce, or two people have any property issues that may be denied only through an appeal to the court.
So, when you apply for a divorce in court need to provide - an appropriate statement of claim;receipt of payment of fees;a copy of the writ to be served on the other spouse;the original certificate on marriage;Paper confirming the place of permanent residence of both spouses;copies of birth certificates of minor children, if there are such;documents confirming the validity of the submission of the claim (evidence of adultery, certificates of taken a beating, and others).
If the spouses still agreed on a parenting children together, aged less than 18 years, the need to provide and notarized agreement on this agreement, which will be spelled out many aspects - who will live childorder to see him, the amount of financial assistance and more.
In that case, if the spouses have a problem with the division of property, the court may require a number of other papers.For example, a certificate of ownership, a certificate of an independent appraiser to value the size of the document and other income.May also require the certificate of inspection of living conditions, the characteristics of employment or permanent employment and other refines the documentation.