Since constitute an agreement, decide the subject, that is, the provision of some services will be governed by this document.Separately beeps are your goals as a customer (for example, construction of greenhouses in the summer dacha, and a certain area of ​​a certain material within three calendar days) and targets Executive (financial gain).The very first contract drawn up on the draft, making changes to it in the course of writing and negotiation between the parties.
be divided into several parts contract:
- Preamble, which specify full and short names of the parties and the date and place of signing the contract;
- the subject of the agreement - the provision of a service contract is concerned, that it should be done, as well as term of performance of the obligations of both sides;
- the responsibility of the parties for non-compliance, poor performance of their other actions;
- how the disputes will be settled;
- details of the parties - the address, individual taxpayer identification number, a bank account.
clearly describe what it has to perform a performer, what material, by what date.Indicate whether you have the right to control the work process before it is finished, it will be held as the reception process works.It is important to point whose material is used in production operations, if the construction or repair.Does the artist warranty.
particularly accurately list the responsibilities of both parties.What will happen to the artist, if he performs poorly or does not have time to work on time, the responsibilities of the customer at the late payment of the contract.Check out all the figures and data several times.Write how disputes will be resolved as they arise - through the courts, through an intermediary or in person of the customer and the performer.
enter in the details of the bank account to which the payment should be made for work performed.
Before signing a contract, check whether the right of a person to enter into contracts, to sign documents if he has power of attorney.