What kinds of powers of attorney are

power of attorney may be issued only in writing and, in the case when it involves transactions that must be executed by a notary, she herself must be notarized.To the contents of the document, regardless of the type of power of attorney, there are special requirements.So, stipulated in her actions, which allows the principal to make his authorized representative shall not be unlawful in nature.Permitted actions must be specified clearly to exclude them ambiguous.

single power of attorney are issued to commit the total or long-term effects for a specified period, as well as general.A single power of attorney shall be issued for th
e commission of any one action, such as buying a car.But the power of attorney to dispose of them relates to the fact that the commission issued a set of actions.Most broad authority receives a trustee on his hands there is a general, or general power of attorney.It may stipulate the possibility of making any transactions with the assets of the principal and even the exercise of the rights and responsibilities that are his prerogative.

How to make purchases using a general power of attorney

to issue a general power of attorney for the person representing your interests, you should contact a notary's office.In the text of this document must contain: the place and date of the authorization;its validity.The maximum period for which can be granted power of attorney - 3 years, unless it is stipulated, authorization will be valid for one year.In addition, the power of attorney must specify your name, surname and patronymic, citizenship and place of residence, passport data;surname, name and patronymic of the representative, his place of residence, passport data (if possible).Make a general power of attorney at the notary you have personally, but the presence of your trustee is not required.

Possessing the power of attorney certified by a notary, your representative can make the sales transaction by signing a corresponding agreement with the buyer.At the same time after the contract will be given his name, first name and patronymic, should follow the text of the "Power of Attorney issued by then that the name of so and so", indicating your place of residence, citizenship, passport information.