you need
  • application form (form R21001), a pen, a copy of the passport, the receipt of payment of the fee.
Identify economic activities in which you are going to do to properly fill out the application.Select the corresponding NACE codes.A complete list of code numbers to find the National Classification of Economic Activities (NACE).
find the application form for registration (form R21001) on the profile site on the Internet, download and print.Fill out the application.Do not forget that the documents for registration of IP banned any corrections and erasures.
Sign the declaration in the presence of a notary, so that he could assure your signature.Tax inspection takes only certified statement.
Pay stamp duty.Check the size i
n the Federal Tax Service.Today, it is 800 p.
Make a photocopy of your passport - the main page and page with registration.
independently turn in an application, a receipt for payment of state duty and a photocopy of the passport inspection of the Federal Tax Service, or send them by registered mail mail Russia.Register an individual enterprise is always at the place of permanent residence of a natural person.Take the receipt of the papers handed to the date of receipt of a complete set of documents, or a reasoned refusal of registration.
obtain a certificate of registration to the tax office in person.This usually occurs 5-7 days after the filing.Make a print, open the account.Often, they are necessary.
If in doubt of the correctness of filling out the application, refer to a specialist company that provides similar services at an extra charge.
Or try to prepare a document using the free service "My job," where the statement is generated automatically, and you just answer the questions.Here you can download and then print the completed form to pay state tax.