One of the conditions for the establishment of a production cooperative becomes the number of its members - according to the current legislation, the number of cooperative members should not be less than five people.At the same time there are no restrictions on the membership of resident or foreign citizens and persons without citizenship.A member of the farm may also be a legal person - participating in the cooperative activities is done through a representative of a legal entity.

Why create guild?

Artel - or production cooperative - created for particular activities.The main condition of its creation - compliance with all legal requirements.Artel may not engage in activities contrary to the laws of the Russian
Federation.For specific types of industrial employment and other economic activities, the cooperative must obtain a special license (permission).Thus, the main purpose of the cooperative - getting the participants arrived.

What founding documents are needed?

main constituent document production cooperative is a legal entity, is its charter.For the approval of the statute is necessary to gather all the members of the cooperative (general meeting of the cooperative - the supreme body of his control).The Charter specifies the location of the organization, its corporate name.Basically, the founding document provides all financial information on the composition of share contributions of members, on the order of their submission.

Charter describes the obligations of each member of the cooperative for personal involvement, responsibility for breaches of obligations to Artel, regulates the distribution of profits among the participants of the cooperative.

The statute prescribes how is the entry of new members into society and out of the old co-op members, determined the order of formation of its property, describes the number of branches and their location, the procedure for liquidation of the farm and its transformation.In addition, the main constituent document may contain any other relevant information.

Who manages the cooperative?

meeting of cooperative members is the highest body of its management.If the number of participants in the farm more than 50 people, and a general meeting is not possible due to objective circumstances created by the Supervisory Board, which consists exclusively of members of the cooperative.Note that the same member of the co-op can not hold the position of chairman of the board of the cooperative and a member of the Supervisory Board.