an inventory of assets of the enterprise and its purpose.At this stage, the comparative test data accounting records and and the actual availability of inventory, assets and equipment.Also analyzes the company's operating contract.
Analyze existing accounting records of the enterprise.Spend the treatment of primary financial documents based on which restore the accounting entries.Fill out the back sheet, to check the correctness of the information and recreate the registers of tax accounting and accounting well.
Identify the missing primary documentation.Repair bills, invoices, expense reports, and cash under the rules of cash transactions.Fill in the registration bo
ok and income and expenses.
Restore statements for the period of absence boo accounting and enterprise.Prepare, turn and protect financial and tax reporting to the tax office for the specified periods.These documents generally consist of quarterly and annual balance sheet, declaration of the UST, VAT and income tax statement of cash flows, changes in equity or retained earnings, and so on.
Contact the audit company for the final verification audit.This test must be performed by a specialist, who was not involved in the initial recovery of accounting records well.The audit indicated the observations and recommendations for further dictates of financial records.
Use the services of specialized firms to recover boo accounting and .Thus at the end of all procedures necessary to require the company to report and act of the executed works.If you transfer the documentation to the auditor, be sure to also make the act of reception and transmission of documents.