Some people, even at such a young age is already beginning to work and trying to help themselves.But not everyone can afford to buy a car, even if it is not new.Such a decent amount, hardly anyone would agree to take, which means there is only one option - to get credit.

Argued that the loan - a rather long and very tedious, none you can not guarantee a positive result.In fact, every citizen who has reached eighteen years of age can get a loan.But the bank, on the basis of these documents decides to refuse or approve a loan to a specific person.Each bank maintains its policy with regard to borrowers, which is manifested in the whole arch of certain rules.

At the present time, many banks have reduced the requirements for its customers.And so the lower the minimum age of the b
orrower up to 18 years.This applies mainly to small banks.Although well-known banks have also decided to make a compromise and, for example, the Savings Bank, you can receive a loan to 18 years of age.This is due to the fact that a large number of borrowers range from 18 to 25 years.And there is no bank, which would like to lose their customers.

But there are certain conditions imposed by the borrower.For a start it should have a job and a stable income, and seniority in the organization must be at least several months.Banks are at risk when working with clients from 18 years of age and for this reason, not only carefully check the client's monthly income, but also the organization in which he works.Young people may be asked to submit a document from the recruiting office, because if they are suitable for the service and do not pass it, neither of which a loan can not be considered.Couples easier to get a loan, because the attitude towards them as people prepared for the responsibilities and certain commitments.

But do not forget that the cost of the vehicle must not be more than 350 thousand, and the loan term of not more than 5 years.To select more profitable option, it is necessary to consider the proposals of several credit institutions and only then finalize the decision.