Credit cards: how many of them can be

Get a credit card many banks is completely free and not even leaving home and - just place an order on the website of the bank, fill out a short questionnaire and then activate it in accordance with the instructions,enclosed in an envelope along with the card.Easy to produce and design so seductive that many have multiple credit cards and, consequently, the money already paid for their service.

Theoretically, no limit on the number of credit cards issued in your name does not exist.Moreover, there is an objective need to have more than one card, served in different payment system
s, such as: MasterCard and Visa.But you should know that at the present level of development of computer technology all the information about your credit card immediately enter into a common database, the so-called Bureau of Credit Histories (BCI), which is fixed, and the total credit limit on them. reduce the number of bank credit cards is necessary, if you - a man prone to spontaneous impulses, and who can not control their purchases.

Regardless of whether you use those credits that provide these cards or not, automatic BCI believes that at least 10% of the total credit limit is spent on maintenance.This means that when applying for a bank loan, you can get a waiver because the system will enable the 10% of the amount of your monthly mandatory spending. Currently, many banks are adopting joint credit cards, when in a single payment system, you can transfer money from card to card through an ATM.

how many credit cards you need

enough to have one credit card for each payment system to make sure that anywhere in the country and abroad, you can easily remove the necessary amount.In addition, you can to an existing credit card, you can always for a small fee or free of tie additional card, which you can use for yourself or give it to the enjoyment of his loved ones, including children and adults.For additional card will set your credit limit, which is the person who uses it, it can not exceed under any conditions.In addition, information about the transactions and balances on the main map it will also be available.You can always find out how much is spent on this additional card using account statements.