question about tax breaks for large families is very serious.After all, when it comes about taxes, it does not mean that many children - entrepreneurs.They may be interested in, for example, the tax on transport, housing, etc.How much can you knock off, especially if the family is young and counts every penny, for tax purposes is calculated in each case individually.But be sure to apply, because by all accounts to pay 100% for a large family too much.
State strongly supports those who correct the demographic situation in Russia.So many children is offered a number of benefits and privileges, includingand in the tax area, which can significantly lick
the family budget.

Which tax breaks can count many children

Act provides a number of benefits, allowing many children do not lose much of its budget on compulsory payments.For example, with regard to the capital, one of the parents in a family is exempt from tax for the car registered to him.In order to exercise their right to receive this benefit, you must write an application to his unit Revenue Service and attach the registration certificate of the vehicle.

Also, many children can count on relief for the payment of land tax.According to Article 31 of the Tax Code of the cost of land, which is taxed subtracted an additional 1 million rubles.In fact, this means that the family is completely exempt from tax.
Such privilege is granted to those families that have a plot in the ownership or permanent use, as well as lifetime inheritable possession.

for benefits need to submit an application to the tax unit, and attach the document that confirms the right to land.

Another tax credit - a tax deduction on the parent's place of work.Since 2011, the size of the standard deduction for personal income tax was increased for those who have children.The tax deduction is the sum of income that is not taxable.New tax deductions require payment in the amount of 3,000 p.for each of the third and subsequent child.

To make this deduction should be provided in the accounts at their main job application and attach to it a number of documents that prove entitled to the deduction.


Before you apply to a particular tax benefit, you should consult with an attorney or tax officers (this can be done by calling the social protection, or tax inspection at the place of residence).This is due to the fact that not all benefits can be obtained immediately after your purchase crust parents of many children.Some benefits accrue after a certain time.

Also, check in advance if anything has changed in the legislation, includingand a list of required documents.It would be a shame if you have to go several times.