you need
  • - a statement to the bank to postpone;
  • - application to the court;
  • - writ.
about debt and its amount the bank is obliged to notify you by SMS message, sending it to the number that you gave when you make a loan, or send a demand for payment by registered mail, handon receipt.
voluntary repayment of the entire outstanding amount of fines, pennies, you can make the penalty payment terminals or at the ticket office of the bank.Once you've made the full amount of the debts, notify the bank that your commitments are fulfilled.
If you are unable to repay the loan , contact the central office of the bank with an application for deferred payment.Under the law, the bank can provide respite for 6
months, but the interest rate on the loan increase significantly.The grace period is a bona fide borrowers who previously regularly paid on the loan , but due to the circumstances, a debt.Good reason to confirm a certificate of reduction, dismissal, illness or other documents proving that you are temporarily unable to pay its debts.
If there is no good reason, get a loan from another bank to pay off the debt arose.But this option is suitable only if you are sure that you will have the means to repay the newly issued credit.
Failure to comply can lead to lenders that the entire amount of the debt, fines, penalties and forfeits you seek to forcibly.In the three years since the emergence of the debt the creditor is entitled to go to court.
Based on the court ruling will be issued a writ of execution, on which you can draw a forced recovery from the debtor's income, savings bank accounts, with the property or bring him to administrative forced labor in perpetuity.