Make text of the statement.A rigorous formulation does not exist, but generally such a statement is written in the form of a request.The header indicates the full name of the body to which the applicant refers.It can be an accountant or by the head of the enterprise.In the latter case, the header is written: "The Director General of JSC ..." and so on.
Include your name, position, plus in some cases, a structural unit in which you work, if your organization has a fairly complex structure.
The text of the request, ask for a workplace standard tax deduction (usually it is 1,000 rubles) and be sure to include those bases that give you the right to deduct: the presence of children in the family up to 18 yearsor disabled children.If your
child is a full-time student, a graduate student or intern, should provide a tax deduction until the child is 24 years old.None of the documents confirming your rights, the application will be invalid.
List all children in the family: name, surname, patronymic, date of birth.At the end of the statement set the date his signature and full name.
Since both parents have good reason to receive tax deductions children, you can give up the tax deduction in favor of the spouse (wife).In this case you will not receive it, and with the spouse will be takeout double.In this case, it is necessary to specify in the text of your request, on what basis you are asking for double deduction.This operation is very useful when one of the spouses salary is much greater.
Apply in accounting.Act it will be before the next tax season, so you have available each year to confirm you have the right to a tax deduction.If you applied for a double deduction, you will be able to give it to the next year.