assess the situation.Fold in a separate folder all the documents that could be evidence of a non-return debt in court.Discover the Civil Code on the subject and write articles on the loans.It is also recommended to read the information about legal proceedings to recover the debt as a borrower .You may be able to draw from them useful information.
Talk to the borrower.It is necessary to remain calm and not to pass on insult and threat.Find out the reason for his non-return debt and try and find solutions.For example, you can loan installments for a longer period or to postpone the date of return.Be sure to make a supplementary agreement, which specifies the adopted agreement.
Make a claim letter to the borrower , if it refuses to return the debt .Specify in it the amount of debt and maturity.Refer to the section of the law that regulate the issue.Indicate the possible consequences of ignoring this letter.You can also calculate the amount of fines or penalties, if any, appear on your receipt or a credit contract.
Send mail a letter by registered post with a list of contents.Be sure to save your receipt and check sending, because this document will serve as evidence in court.If, within ten days of the borrower does not respond to your demands, you have every right to resolve the issue through the courts.
filed a lawsuit in court to recover the debt as a borrower .Imagine all the documents on the case: a receipt, the loan agreement, receipts, claim letter and other documents confirming the fact of non-repayment of money.If all documents are drawn up correctly, the court may decide on the forced recovery of the debt well.In this case, you get a writ of execution, on which you can get the required amount of their own or through bailiffs.