sites held for sale on the Internet.There can be profitable to sell the site.Many sellers make mistakes in the sale, which is quite easy to avoid if you know the number of subtleties.

Where possible sale of the site?

1. Exchange sites.For example:
- - you can sell for decent money and a newly created website and more developed (at the exchange are checked both sellers and buyers, thereby to conduct safe transactions);
- - this service is very popular among webmasters (This exchange is more suitable for sales sites average level of development).

2. Forums for Webmasters:
/forum -here many buyers to the sites affordable price points;
- - forum multiple number of visitors, which on any project may find a buyer.

How to hold a sale?

To quickly and profitably sell the resource, you can use the tips outlined below:
- to create on any forum topic to assess a site to obtain the views of users of its value;
- put the site up for auction (if the project is worthy, then you can get the maximum profit);
- site, located on a free hosting service, move to a paid (this is important for many buyers);
- know how to apply, even low-quality site to find advantages for the buyer;
- nice to be able to state the reasons for the sale;
- beware of scams, so working with unknown people on exchanges and forums through a guarantor;
- look for buyers of their own, in this case, you can sell more expensive site (do not have to pay commission Exchange);
- to raise the price, make a list of the advantages of the site, specify it in the sale;
- correct minor errors on the site and shortcomings.

How quickly and at what price to sell the site?

for a quick sale it is necessary to go to the forum in which to create a theme auction with the term of its completion.In the case of billing rates below average, than similar sites, you can find a buyer even for one day.

value of the site will depend on the buyer, how he understands as the sites and their pricing.The price also depends on the project, the possibility of earning on it.Take advantage of resources from the earnings on contextual advertising, sale banners, etc.

value of the site, the income from which goes from the sale of options is calculated as net income for the half year.If the site makes a contextual advertising, net income is taken for a year (or two) - this will be the price.In the second case, the income is more stable, predictable and legally.

necessary to assess the design, content, age and other resources.Everything Counts, then sets the optimal value of the site.