Conditions and early retirement

1. The basis for the design of early retirement is the presence of specific seniority.This experience differs from the total length of service that is determined by the operation in harsh places to live or work with special working conditions, establishment of special lists of works, such as a bad job.These lists contain the list of production areas, specialties and positions, which give the right to early, that is premature pensions (hereinafter - the list).

2. Be sure to be insurance or total duration of all periods during which premiums makes contributions to the pension fund.

3. Pension age with reduced pension design is assigned to persons working continuously
for a full day, the working conditions which are lists of relevant papers to the special factors of labor.

When making an early pension is advisable to consult with experts on the possibility of including in the length of periods of military service and receiving initial vocational training.

For all who do the work, that the legislation of our country referred to hazardous industries, following rules are set for early clearance of pension: for males special seniority should be 10 years, with twenty years insurance experience for the female population - 75 years with fifteen insurance experience.

In the event that developed a special half-time employment, can be also decorated pension content, but at a later age.

For example, the special seniority women working radiologist, was 7.5 years old and she can draw pension on reaching 45 years of age and, in the case of a special four-year seniority she can draw pension maintenance in '51provided that the total length will be at least 15 years.

How to confirm the special seniority

Special experience in mandatory supporting documents issued by the companies in the prescribed manner.The qualifying certificate specifies detailed useful information about specific factors and working conditions, references to archival documents confirming the amount of time specified activity.You also need to know what special factors work which provides the possibility of early registration can not be confirmed by witness testimony, confirmation should only be documented.