Such questions concern to the Office of the Department of housing policy and housing.The quickest way to find this organization - is to inquire in your company's caretakers.They have co-ordinate.However, before you go to the Office, a statement that under the personal account .With registration you can also help your Duque, ZhEKe.Also, take them immediately extract from the house register.
then go to the BTI.Book your space plan with an indication of the total number of square meters.When you are done, visit your bank and ask them for a copy of your personal account or rewound, if until now it was not necessary.In the case of passbooks you can skip the visit to the bank
and just make a copy of all completed pages.
It's time to apply to the employer's human resources department for help that you have a steady income.For unemployed people that the item is invalid.A section of the personal account clearly would be in jeopardy.No one wants to arrange a personal account on an unemployed citizen, who will in future be charged rent and utility payments.
Finally, make a house a written consent on behalf of all those who live with you in an apartment house on the housing, the question that you are doing to establish a new order of living in a joint housing.
When all the papers will be on your hands, do not forget your passport and go to apply for a section of the facial account the set of documents to the Office.
After processing your request, you will be notified in writing of the assignment of new accounts, and you start to pay utility bills individually.But bear in mind that in addition to your desire and collected documents employees need to be objectively assess your home for the possibility of separation of accounts.The list of requirements to the accommodation there at the Office.Discover them in advance, even before you start to collect the paper