distrust of our citizens in the banking system originates in the crisis of the 90s, when the short term savings of citizens devalued several times.Previously, the country had only one bank for the population, and because everyone was pleased with his work.But with the collapse of the Soviet Union the financial situation in the country has deteriorated dramatically, and people suddenly lost their hard-earned money.

In 1996, the Government of the Russian Federation as a measure of social support to the poorest start to pay compensation for Soviet deposits.Initially payments were purely symbolic: the maximum that could be obtained by one contributio
n is the sum of the remainder, if it was less than 1,000 rubles, or 1,000 rubles - in all other cases.In the future, some of the contributions were offset by re also extended the list of categories of citizens who have the right to claim compensation.

Where can I get compensation

Russian Federation recognized the debt of the Soviet deposits its domestic public debt.Sberbank of Russia, transformed 06/20/1991 at joint stock company became the legal successor of the Soviet savings bank network, so it was he entrusted with compensation for citizens' deposits.It should be noted that the Savings Bank carries out compensation from the federal budget.The order, the size and timing of payments are regulated by a number of regulations, including laws №73-FZ "On the restoration and protection of savings", "On the federal budget" for the current year.

How are compensation

to get compensation for the Soviet deposits, you must:
- to come to the nearest branch of the Savings Bank with a passport and Soviet savings account, if the contribution of Action;
- make a statement for the payment of compensation due to you;
- to write a statement about the loss of the passbook, if it could not find.

If the investor can not independently apply for compensation, receive it, you can trust the other person.It will have to make the authorization form for compensation.

depositors, the savings which are savings banks in other regions, for payments should contact the nearest branch of the Savings Bank, to write an application for compensation and transfer of the amount due on those details.For compensation payments may apply and the heirs of the deceased contributor.To receive them must wait for the opening of the inheritance, and also apply to the Savings Bank.

If you can not find the Soviet savings account, but I do believe that on 06.20.1991, the you or your family members had valid contributions can apply for their search.Employees of the Savings Bank are obliged to take it from you, and to take all measures necessary for the detection of your deposit and the establishment of the amount of residue on it.