Sberbank of Russia - the largest bank in the country, which has a wide variety of financial services to both individuals and legal entities.At the same time the bank's activities in terms of geographical coverage is not confined to the United States: its branches are in other countries, such as Ukraine.

Savings Bank in Ukraine

the Ukraine Savings Bank operates under the official name of the joint-stock company (JSC) "Sberbank of Russia".However, from a legal point of view it is a Ukrainian commercial bank, which is also one of the ten largest financial institutions in the country.The total amount of its assets in Ukraine more than 40 billion hryvnia.Officially its activities in this country, Sberbank began in 2001, when the National Bank of Ukraine has given him the right to carry out banking activities r
egistered in the list of national banks under the number 277.

The legal form of "Sberbank of Russia" in Ukraine - a subsidiaryRussian Joint Stock Company "Sberbank of Russia".Practically, this means that the whole amount of the charter capital of the organization, more than 3 billion hryvnia, formed by the resources of the parent bank.Thus both of these organizations, along with other companies associated with this financial institution, part of the International Group Savings.It operates a total of 22 countries, including the CIS countries and Europe as well as Turkey, India and China.

branch of Sberbank in Ukraine

Ukrainian Savings Bank network is extensive: today it includes more than 190 regional offices located in various parts of the country.Thus, only in the Kiev region has 5 regional offices, as well as several ATMs, allows bank customers to use the services they need without the involvement of operators.In addition, make certain transactions on the cards of the Savings Bank may be through the use of ATMs of partner banks, among them - the network of "atmosphere", "Ukrsotsbank", "Ukreximbank" and other large financial institutions.

The total number of customers of the bank in Ukraine among individuals is about 850,000, including legal entities - about 25 thousand, and 20 thousand of them - it's small and medium-sized businesses, and the remaining clients - large industrial and other enterprisesplaying a leading role in the state economy.