you need
  • Help 2 PIT, reference in a free form, a copy of the work book, a copy of the employment contract, a copy of the original passport, the right to: a copy of the original, the form-order
standard package.
Customer must apply to the borrower to get a list of required documents.In such a situation it is usually asked to provide documents to prove the identity (passport);income statement (2 PIT);a copy of employment record, certified by the Chief Accountant or the Director General;Form-statement considering the application.The
re are cases when the bank may require additional documents, so you should ask in advance about the employee of a credit institution.
The list of required documents, the borrower goes into the organization and ask for the chief accountant certificate 2 personal income tax and the employee of the personnel department requests a copy of employment record, certified with pages.It is worth remembering that the term applies to all documents of the bank is only 1 month, then you need to re-assemble these documents.Help 2 PIT should be made not less than 6 months.Name of the organization must comply with the print.Check before delivery to have in stock all the seals, signatures and correctly designed data about borrowers.
necessary to make a copy of a passport: all the pages where there is a record.The passport must be valid for the entire loan period.Unnecessary records should not be.Age of the borrower must meet the requirements of the bank.
Then you need to print out the application, ready to clean or take an option in the bank.Study it carefully and fill in block letters, blue ink.Corrections are not allowed.All items necessary to fill the form.
final stage.Borrower checks the list of required documents collected.It adds a file and goes to the bank for loan.